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Based in Venice, California since 1997 Lenny Steinberg Design Associates is a full concept design studio with a small staff and a roster of fabricators, architects and artisans.

Steinberg has a strong affinity for her native Los Angeles; it’s deserts, snow-covered mountains, oceanfront and especially the architecture. Her work follows a singular modernist philosophy of “Space, Time and Energy” incorporating her training and degree in music and design, a passion to travel and a lifelong affair with New York City. She is guided by the belief that there are no divisions in the conception and creation of any artistic discipline.

In the first part of the last century, Southern California was still a place uniquely available to experiment. Writers, musicians, dancers, artists and architects fleeing Europe, were drawn to Los Angeles. Year round sunshine, the sea, a pervasive allure of orange blossoms and a whole new industry called motion pictures was an invitation to romp unhampered in an atmosphere receptive to controversial new ideas. It was not only the freedom, but also the light and the bold contrasts that struck them and influenced a generation. The daring new directions in music, dance and the architecture that advanced from craftsman and prairie to pierced concrete block, iconic electric, glass, cantilevered and wood beam structures is the legacy that inspires her work. The canyons crossings the hills and nearby stone-yards are still available to suggest color and substance and satisfy the need to touch the materials. The sharp cactus and palm trees against lush gardens, a burst of green on the dry scorched hills growing wild oak and yucca and endless curves of pacific coast highway are all reflected in her furniture and buildings that are pared down to bare minimalist lines and other creations that are glamorous, complex and playful. Instinctively recycling, using local, raw materials and investigating the usage of products beyond their prescribed applications has long been part of her style and signature in her work.

Although driving on streets overwhelmed and pot-holed by the abundance of vehicular exuberance does limit the time and freedom of discovery, it still is a favorite activity. Being forced into the tempting possibility of a time saving shortcut often leads to a deco gem, a cunning courtyard, a craftsman mansion you can’t believe you never saw, or the path to still the most interesting and innovative work being done anywhere. “Were this a thesis rather than a short biographical sketch, I could expand with passion on the subject. As it is, I do have a passion for architecture and what may seem to be diverse forms are absolutely relative to each other with indistinguishable conceptual parameters. Ultimately, one becomes a sort of archeologist of form.” - Lenny Steinberg